Meet Patoya Mariè


Patoya Marie Cobbs - Founder and CEO

 Of online curvy boutique Mariè Chic Curves Incorporated, She is originally from San Diego California, before she recently relocated to Chicago Illinois where she resides with her humbled husband and adorable three sons. Patoya acquired her first bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Marketing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC). She received her second bachelor’s in Fashion Design from Columbia College Chicago. Patoya worked along side of some of Chicago’s most notable designers such as Leandro Mullet & Maury Cesar and has been a feature designer in more creditable fashion productions such as Fashion Bar Chicago LLC and Live Out Loud Charities and has been published in Tiara Magazine. Marie Chic Curves Inc, Is a Chicago based corporation with a direct mission to encourage curvy woman to take back their confidence and own their curvy lifestyle. Mariè Chic Curves allows you to find your personality and break out of your shell. Their focus is to build women up and enable them to stand out in style. The bottom line is, Mariè Chic Curves aims to make trendy ready-to-wear clothing accessible for the beautiful curvy consumer!